ISO22000 certified
INNS2800001(India) certified
ID020276(Indonesia) certified
CN100460(China) certified
ST0000062(Thailand) certified
VN28380017(Vietnam) certified

Harimanada Co.,Ltd. Has acquired a variety of certifications.

Frozen FacilityFacility
Continuous Proton Freezers
Frozen Facility

In order to deliver safer and more delicious products to our customers, we install the latest equipment. Freezing is an especially important process for preserving freshness, and this section will introduce our proton freezers.
Proton freezers are next-generation rapid freezing technology which use a hybrid approach combining uniform magnetic flux, electromagnetic waves, and cold wind to achieve rapid freezing without destroying the cells of foodstuffs.

RE BORN Proton Freezer

Rapid cooling to below the temperature zone of maximum ice crystal formation

Standard freezing causes large ice crystals to form, causing declines in product quality after thawing. To prevent grains of ice from growing large, large numbers of ice cores must be created at once, and the growth of large ice crystals must be prevented.

Factory Tour
360° Factory Tour

You can take a virtual tour of our ISO22000 certified factory here.
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