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1-Year Oysters

Typically, oysters are allowed to grow for 2-3 years and packaged as 2-year oysters and 3-year oysters, but Harima Sea’s oysters are 1-year oysters harvested after a single year.
Precisely because the sea water is so abundant in the phytoplankton they eat, the oysters reach an appropriate size for shipment within a year.
In addition, sea floor cleaning is implemented yearly, and the number of oysters is restricted to prevent overcrowding and ensure each oyster gets the nutrition it needs. These efforts by producers are what make 1-year oysters possible.

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Product Information
Oysters in the Shell

One thing distinctive about our oysters compared to other production areas is the major difference in yield of edible parts.
For oysters from other areas, generally 20-25% of the total weight is edible, but this ratio is 30-35% for Harima Sea’s oysters, showing how tightly-packed each shell is.
*Determined based on investigation by our company.

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Frozen Oysters in the Shell (for Raw Consumption)

Our main frozen product is Frozen Oysters in the Shell (for Raw Consumption) which are processed using cutting-edge proton freezers technology.
Oysters are selected during the season where they are at their peak flavor, January to May, then the highest-quality oysters are frozen using the most advanced freezing equipment, amplifying their sweetness.
Since these oysters are for raw consumption, they are not only delicious raw but also cooked in various ways such as steaming or grilling.
We deliver delicious oysters to customers all over the world year-round, not just during oyster season.

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Shelled Oysters

All oysters undergo UV sterilization in the cleaning line to seawater packing, and electrolytically sterilized seawater (kept at 5℃ or below) is used for packing.
In addition, self-inspections are implemented daily during oyster season, oysters are tested to ensure they meet the standards of the Food Sanitation Act (for general bacteria count, E. coli most probable number, coliform bacteria groups, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, O-157, and freshness testing). The results are reported and samples are stored for best-by date testing.
Norovirus testing is carried out weekly.

Aquaculture InformationAquaculture
Aquaculture Information
Triploid Oysters
(Cutie Oysters

We are also involved in aquaculture business.

Normal diploid oysters spawn in the summer, but this variety developed through selective breeding do not spawn.
Our triploid oysters are cultivated in the seas of Shirahamacho in Hyogo Prefecture’s Himeji City, an area close to both mountains and beaches where the waters are bountiful with aquatic nutrition.
In just 6 months from the seedling stage, these oysters grow as large as our standard oysters shipped after one year. Compared to diploid oysters, the adductor muscle of triploid oysters has a sweet and rich flavor that stands out.
The shape of the oysters is also quite charming.

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Shipping Information
Shipping Information

Countries we have exported to:

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan